You are the Secret : Let Tarot Explore You.

Psychic Healing

Psychic energy healing also knows as spiritual healing involves the use of one energy that be send through space and sometimes time to heal someone.

Pyramid Vastu

Vastu Pyramids are effectively used to remove negative energy blocks and can be placed effectively in the missing corners in a home or office.

Motivational Training

Shweta  & her other co-Trainers  are Motivational Speakers and Management Consultants specializing in Motivation, Leadership Development, Team Building and related business development and other topics.

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Achievements Earned by Shweta

  • Pyra Vastu Expert
  • Reiki Teacher
  • Professional Trainer
  • Pranic Healer
  • Aura Reader
  • Motivational Trainer
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Crystal Healer
  • Angel Therapist
  • Cartomancer
Tarot Reading & still Counting
Tarot Workshop
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Radio Talk

Interview with Rj Harshil about World Tarot Day Celebration

The Ultimate Books by Shweta

Struggling to remember all Tarot card meanings? Imagine having all the Tarot card meanings you could ever want, right in your hands.
Tarot Cards Our Perfect Guide book has everything you need to read the Tarot cards like an expert. In this book, you will get to know all the Tarot card meanings, and Spreads for relationships, to money, to personality, and to health and well-being. Tarot book is available in Gujarati and English Language. Order your Tarot book now.  Never go ‘blank’ in a Tarot reading again!

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