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Shweta Khatri - Tarot Card Reader & Trainer

About Shweta Khatri

Shweta Khatri is an expert & experienced Tarot Card Reader & Trainer who has been doing Tarot Card Reading for last 10 years. The Journey started when she was just 7 years old & she started learning Reiki-1. Having learnt that, she used to give reiki healing to her family members, & it gave her much joy. At 13, she learnt the second degree of reiki and started giving it to people who are far away. She didn’t stopped & was curious to learn more & more to understand the mind & it’s working principles.

In 2005, she attended the “Mind Power” Workshop of Dr. Sneh Desai which was a revolutionary program for her life. And she kept attending different workshops & seminars of various Trainers of India and out of India. Her Tarot journey started in 2006 when she attended the “Tarot Workshop” of Dr. Sneh Desai. After that Workshop, she started her own Tarot reading & others, and her readings started proving right. As it happened, her trust on Tarot kept growing and she started doing it more & more.

As she started giving precise & beneficial guidance to people, her popularity as a Tarot reader kept on increasing rapidly. Once during her stay at Ankleshwar, A T.V. channel interviewed her & she became much popular. When she returned to Ahmedabad she earned the Master degree of reiki & became a teacher. Not stopping there she did Pyra workshop of Dr. Jiten Bhatt and has obtained the degree of Professional Certified Trainer & member of the Indian Trainer’s Association – ITA.

After brilliant success in Tarot Card Reading & so many different experiences of Tarot, she started teaching it to those who were interested & want to be a Tarot Card Trainer. She conducts a Tarot Workshop once in every 2 months and has conducted over 50 Workshops. Not only Tarot & reiki, her learning includes Aura reading, Angel Therapy, Accupressure, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Crystal Therapy and Art of Living. Due to much fame in a young age, her readings are also presented on Television on Sandesh channel & many newspaper articles in various newspapers.

Hence, her relationship with Tarot has been very intimate & trustworthy. Her friends call her Tarot girl Shweta. Being involved with Tarot from so many years she always says “Shweta means Tarot and Tarot means Shweta”.

Shweta attended theater workshop at Darpana Academy,Natarani in 2014 and that was conducted by famous actor/director Abhinay Banker. She also did a play as a main actor. She always like to learn and know which inspires her. 

Some of my highlights

“Tarot let me fly, swim and Dig deep. For me, Tarot has become a practical compass for navigating the unknown”
Learn from your problems and mistakes and create something better from it..! Be like Phoenix.
Shweta is a very dynamic personality. She is having amazing knowledge of different fields & all due to her passion for Reading Different Books on New topics, author, publication.
In her personal life she loves to travel the world, like to get different experience from new places & new people. And she also likes to watch movies from Hollywood & Bollywood.

Expertise In

  • Pyra Vastu Expert
  • Reiki Teacher
  • Professional Trainer
  • Motivational Trainer
  • Crystal Healer
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