Sub-conscious mind keeps giving us different signals. Tarot Cards helps us understanding

We do have a few theories on the origins of Tarot’s existence – ancient Egyptian, Atlantis, Italy etc. & most common historical evidence points beginning in the mid-14th century of the Northern Italy court. Tarot is actually pronounced as “Taro” & is the divine guidance which we get from it. Each featuring a different symbolic picture, it is a pack of seventy-nine cards & can be used for self-improvement as a tool of understanding, mediation, practical problem solving, for divination & fortune telling.

We all have a belief in the existence of a higher or universal power, cosmic or divine energy, God, (or whatever we say it) which can be accessed in numerous different ways. One of the ways for taping this information is provided via Tarot Cards to access the physic dimensions & inner guide as it works through our subconscious mind.

In the psychic world, Tarot cards are used in representing symbolically the mysteries, events or situations what we all go throughout our Life’s journey. There are different mediums used for predicting the future; which includes Tarot Cards, dreams, astrology charts, numerology, palmistry, trances, etc.

Out of all these an often used way for knowing the past & future is Traditional Tarot. A system whose base is on the wisdom of Zen, a wisdom that says events in the outer world simply reflect our own thoughts and feelings. During a Tarot reading, the emerging ideas, images & feelings are a true message from your inner guide. It’s the Divine Guidance we get. Each & every aspect from birth to death of our Life can be covered through this Royal Path.


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