Tarot Reading

This involves one-on-one consultation between you and Shweta for your Life’s different aspects like relationships, career, health, travel, finance and many more.  – You can get a Tarot Reading via email, Skype or in a one-on-one session. Individual readings only & not for groups. Read more


Mokshapatt Reading

Mokshapat is a board of divination that fills you up with Indian wisdom and the laws of karma. Any question under the sun can be asked as wisdom unfolds from the board cruising your intuitive intelligence. .Read More


Mediumship Reading

Automatic writing /mediumship / channeling is done through a psychic medium or a spirit medium , for all those who believe that there is a hope and a way of communicating with their departed loved one’s and the afterlife to know more about them..Read More


Want Something Extra?