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Tarot Workshop is all about learning the Tarot Reading by receiving guidance from your inner self, from your subconscious mind – The Divine Guidance. A 2 days course to develop your personal approach towards Tarot. To learn Tarot Reading, you will need to learn the language of pictures and symbols. You will learn how you can let your intuitive inner voice be your guide. You will learn to see the world in a whole new light.

Tarot Workshop is about Evolving your Tarot readings from absolute beginner to confident, comprehensive readings with master Tarot Reader – Shweta. By learning Tarot you will also be able to help others through the divine guidance; you will be able to discover your own true self through them. You will gain 79 true & honest friends for the rest of your life as a Bonus. Each Tarot Card picture does actually speaks a thousand words. And learning the interpretation of this unique language you will start speaking those words.

In this Tarot Workshop, by learning Tarot from a trained Trainer you are going to get the advanced experiences taking Tarot to a whole new level. You will assure how to deliver confident & powerful Tarot readings. We’ll make you learn easy ways of speaking that is going to make your readings Brilliant – for both, you and your client!.

Workshop Topics Day – 1:

Things you will learn in workshop Day – 1:

  • About Tarot
  • Tarot reading benefits
  • Tarot history – origin of the Tarot
  • What is special about osho zen tarot Cards?
  • How tarot works?
  • Tarot- Magic & science
  • Meditation for connection to your higher self and your Tarot cards
  • Meanings of colours, symbols
  • Meanings of 79 Tarot cards.

Workshop Topics Day – 2:

Things you will learn in workshop Day – 2:

  • Messages of 79 Tarot cards.
  • How to spread & shuffle Tarot Cards
  • Rules of predictions for other.
  • How to read Tarot for our self & for others.?
  • Practical tarot reading
  • Home Work.

Followup Session:

Things you will learn in Follow up Session:

  • Solving your difficulties and difficult cards.
  • Tips for professional Tarot reading
  • Solving your difficulties in Tarot reading
  • Different Tarot Spreads
  • Time duration Readings
  • Practical session
  • How Tarot is useful for day to day life?

Tarot Workshop kit:

You will get below things in Tarot Workshop Kit:

  • Tarot deck
  • Tarot platform
  • Tarot cover
  • Tarot book (Gujarati/English)
  • Materials / notes
  • Tarot certificate.

Benefits of Tarot Workshop:

  • We can easily solve the problems of our life through Tarot card reading. With the help of Tarot card reading, we can also guide people in their problems.
  • There are people who have an ambition to know more, learn more and obtain many types of knowledge. Hence, Tarot card reading is one such area that attracts such people. There are so many people who learn Tarot card reading as hobby, but by practicing this hobby, they being to know this subject deeply.
  • We all know one thing that everybody has to face some problems in life. We can resolve the issues in the lives of people through Tarot card reading. We become instruments to bring positive change in their lives so that they can live successful life.

Learn Tarot Card Reading | Learn the language of pictures.

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