The fool’s Journey




It’s a details symbolic jouney of osho zen tarot deck with a new perspective and it will help to the osho zen tarot reader to understand the cards in  deeper lelev. This small crash course will enhance your tarot reading skills on another lelev which will help you to provide proper guidamce to your clients.

  • Advanced learning about the Osho Zen Card
  • Application of Astrology
  • Understanding the symbols
  • Meditation with the card for more projection and clarity.
  • Detailed understanding of the Osho Zen Card from the perspective of the
    • Elements
    • Chakras
    • Health related issues
    • Related career selection
About the course:
  • Online practical course
  • Advance learning about the Osho Zen Card
  • 3 days online course for approximately 2 hours
  • First time detailing in Osho Zen Card
  • Deeper level of symbolic meaing with elements , chakra, and colours