Tarot Cards Myths

In the psychic world, Tarot cards are used in representing symbolically the mysteries, events or situations that we all go throughout our Life’s journey. There are different mediums used for predicting the future; which includes Tarot Cards, dreams, astrology charts, numerology, palmistry, trances, etc..

Out of all these an often used way for knowing the past & future is Traditional Tarot. A system whose base is on the wisdom of Zen, a wisdom that says events in the outer world simply reflect our own thoughts and feelings. During a Tarot reading, the emerging ideas, images & feelings are a true message from your inner guide. It’s the Divine Guidance we get. Each & every aspect from birth to death of our Life can be covered through this Royal Path.

Tarot Cards Myths

(1) Whatever Tarot cards say becomes fate.

No, this is not true. The truth is Tarot cards guide people and makes life positive and with that a person can change her life. A correct guidance can be obtained for the problems in one’s life with the help of Tarot cards. It is possible to know whether a person is doing the right thing and walking on the right path. If a Tarot card reader is the best and the perfect, she can guide a person to make her life positive and successful.

(2) Tarot cards should only be received as gifts.

This is also not true. It is not necessary that Tarot cards can be used only when it is gifted by others. I know many Tarot card readers who have bought their cards on their own and they are successful today. On the other hand, in spite of being gifted with the Tarot cards, some Tarot card readers cannot use them properly.

(3) You cannot predict for yourself.

This too is not true. It is because when one learns Tarot card reading, she predicts for herself first. However, one thing should be kept in mind – whenever the mind is restless and there are negative thoughts, it is better that the Tarot card reader does not try to read her future.

(4) Only those who have some special powers can only become Tarot card readers.

Not at all. Anybody who is interested in Tarot cards can learn Tarot card reading. She can become a Tarot card reader by joining a workshop teaching this art. There is no need to have a degree or personality. It is also a wrong belief that only those who are gifted with some unique powers can become Tarot card readers. Anybody can predict correctly by connecting Tarot cards with powers of our subconscious mind.

(5) Tarot cards are only for future telling.

Everybody believes that Tarot cards are only for future telling, but that is a partial truth. It is possible to predict the future with Tarot cards but they are also useful in meditation. Moreover, Tarot cards help regain health and growth. Tarot cards also help in healing the diseases.


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