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Khooshboo bhojani

Shweta Khatri is one of the youngest Tarot Reader s I know and is an amazing healer too.. She has personally helped in my life showed me a way.. Showed me the real me.. M thankful to you Shweta as you made me much better person also gave me a right path... She is the best of all I will say.. Have a made a friend... God bless you dear with the best of wealth and health.

Jay Shah

I met Shweta 4 years back! She gave me accurate answers of my questions & recently after almost 2 Years i met her! She is more charming & full of positiveness ! She has powerful Intuitions! She is doing immense work in Tarot world & yes she is good teacher too! God bless her

Ravi Jani

I would say, she is Excellent in what she does. Success can be achieved only by pure mind, and she has proved it.

Riya Shankar
Bangkok, Thailand

In Shweta's Tarot Card workshop I learnt so many things about Tarot Cards and meditation. I attended many different workshops but this workshop is really best and spiritual.

Harsh Agrawal

The workshop is great for me. Shweta gave each one of us personal guidance like an angel and helped every time during difficulties. It is amazing and wonderful program.


I was in 10th standard last year and I was constantly worried what would be my result? I took help from Shweta to know what would be the result. With the help of Tarot Cards, she said that I would get 80% to 86%. And, I got 85%.

Vishal Patel

It has been quite easy to learn and understand Tarot Card reading with Shweta. I learnt a lot about Tarot within just two days. A two-day workshop was good and I am helping people through Tarot. Tarot teacher Shweta you are great. Thank you.

Vasudev Thakkar

I wanted to learn Tarot Card for myself and for my business. My experience has been wonderful as Shweta taught us quite easily. I have been able to take right decisions in my life and business through Tarot Card. Tarot has been quite useful in each sphere of my life. I am taking more and more benefits through Tarot. Thanks.

Palak Agrawal
Model / Actress, Kuwait

I am a professional model. I have asked Shweta about my career in Tarot Cards. I wanted to settle in Delhi and wanted to know about my future about career. As suggested by Shweta, I came to Delhi from Kuwait and after coming down here, I have become very successful in my modeling career. Then I came to Shweta to Ahmedabad and learnt Tarot reading too. Whenever I have any question or problem, I can ask Tarot and seek true guidance. Thanks to Shweta.

Neelam Shah
House Wife

I did two-day workshop with Shweta ben in 2009. For me, it was difficult to learn in two days as there are 79 Cards in Tarot. But, Shweta ben taught us very easily and we can even earn through Tarot Card and take up as an activity. When I get free time at home, I do my own Tarot Card reading and help others.
When my brother asked me a question for the first time: Did their baby have the soul of their grandmother? Tarot Card said yes. My grandmother died just two years back, but all actions of brother's baby was like grandmother and everybody used to tell that she has come back. Thus, I have done many Tarot Card readings and I can do Tarot Card readings of others too quite well.

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