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Nipul Dave
School Teacher

I learnt Tarot with Shweta Khatri in 2008. I knew about Tarot that it has Cards and there are different pictures in those Cards and future can be obtained from these Cards. I have seen that in T.V. also. My experience with Shweta was wonderful. I learnt about each and every Card and how to predict with the Cards. I am right now doing professional Tarot reading. A unique experience is about an aunty who is my regular client. Whenever there is any problem, she comes to me. Once, her diamonds were lost and she asked me whether somebody has stolen them from home? Tarot Cards negated this possibility and I said to wait till 22 March as you would get it from home only. She called me on March 23 and said that she herself put those diamonds in a purse in the corner of a cupboard, and I forgot that. Now, they are found.
I have experienced many such things with Tarot. Everybody should learn Tarot so that its benefits can be availed.

Mayuri Shah
House Wife

I am fond of learning and knowing different things right from childhood. I have thought about Tarot Cards and when I did the workshop with Shweta Khatri, I realized the importance of Tarot. I liked the confidence, knowledge and experience that Shweta has at such a young age. She can explain to everybody ranging from a 10-year to 80-year old easily. My experience with workshop has been extremely spiritual and I want to be connected to Tarot Cards for life.

Manju Nair
LLB Student

I learnt Tarot reading with Shweta madam in 2011. This two-day workshop is full of knowledge. Meanings of Cards, meditation with Card and practical prediction are main things of workshop. My journey with Tarot started thereafter.
If I may need to share my experience of Tarot prediction, I did the prediction of one man. He came to ask about job. He was trying for it at many places. I saw in Tarot and told him that within seven days he would get a good job. He called me on sixth day and said that he got a very good job and that he was quite happy.
Another experience is that of a girl whose past was affecting her present. This was shown in the Card. When I narrated the situation of her past, she accepted it and also told that everything that was in past was affecting her in present too. I resolved her issues through Tarot Cards.
And, if I share my own experience, I take help of Tarot Cards every day. Sometimes, I use Tarot to know how the day would proceed or to take some decision. The unique thing about Tarot is that it is possible to see in Tarot that what decision would be more beneficial. This way Tarot becomes helpful and I still experience new things every day.

Laila Patel
House Wife

Tarot for me is a tool to go inside and help my friends and family. By God's grace, I happened to meet Shweta and through Shweta I was able to connect to Tarot easily. She has been amazing Tarot teacher. I was bit confused in workshop but Shweta solved everything quiet well. Whenever we did not understand any Card, she would explain it very easily. I started my spiritual direction with Tarot Card and I am meditating with the help of Tarot Card. I am also concentrating on personal reading.

Khooshboo Thakkar
Fashion Designer

I learnt Tarot from Shweta madam in 2009. It was very easy to learn and understand about Tarot in Tarot Card workshop. We learnt how to do prediction with Tarot Cards. In the workshop I enjoyed very much and also learnt many new things. The two days Tarot workshop was one my favorite workshop I had ever enjoyed
I started Tarot Card reading soon after the workshop and I have done my own and others Tarot reading. Among these, I have predicted for one of my friends. She came to ask me about a prospective suitor in U.S. She asked me how was he and I said that the boy liked one girl in U.S. and that he would settle there. My friend and her parents inquired more about that boy and the predictions went true, and everybody came to know about that boy.
I would recommend that if you want to do Tarot Card workshop, it has to be with Shweta Khatri. It is possible to make changes in our own lives and that of others. Thank you.

Prarthi Parikh

I live in USA and I had to obtain a driving license. I failed at first try. When I had to attempt it for the second time, I called Shweta and ask Tarot. Tarot predicted that I would get the license. I passed the driving test and got the license.

Dhara Gohel

I did Tarot workshop with Shweta in 2008 and Tarot Cards help in all areas of life. Whenever I want to decide anything in life, I use Tarot Cards and can take decisions easily.
Sharing my experience of Tarot prediction, one man came to me for Tarot Card reading. When I told him the past and the present through Tarot, it was right. Then, I answered his questions regarding studies. He called me up within ten days and said that whatever you had predicted did happen and he was able to manage that. Everything that Tarot predicted got true and he was moving ahead in his studies based on the answers of Tarot.
In this way, I have experienced many things in life. With the Tarot reading, not only I have benefited, but I have also helped others with that. I have been able to learn this through Shweta madam and now I can handle any situation in life. Thanks to Shweta madam.

Bhadresh Vora
SBI - Banker

I was disturbed by two questions regarding my son. First was when would he get the job? And second was, when would he marry to a girl of his choice? We consulted many astrologers too. But, as our last resort, we went to Tarot Card Reader Shweta Khatri and we asked these two questions about our son. And, truly, both the works got done within the time period she suggested.

Numerologist, Ahmedabad

"Tarot" speaks the truth only. It was good experience to learn Mystic Tarot. Shweta's teaching was awesome, the way she connects with Tarot is beautiful and which is the most important part. May God bless her.

Bijal Shah
Working Woman, Dubai

Thanks a lot to Shweta for spreading such a long energy with her experience and kind nature..Tarot reading is a turning point of my life. I feel the best when I start meditation before reading..I can feel that light coming directly to me from universe.. Tarot reading and Shweta’s guidance has show me positive way in life.

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