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Kusum Jiandani
Value education Teacher, Banglore

Shweta Khatri has been a constant support and Guide towards me. More than being a tarot reader she is someone who is a patient...supportive and a loving mentor.

I have felt the changes happening for the better in my life as answered by Shweta and also her advice to work on my breathing has made a lot of changes in my mental and physical health.
Shweta looking forward to long term relationship with you for your unconditional care, guidance and support.

Thank you so much
God Bless you in your endeavours
Warm Regards Always.

Mohit Ashokbhai Kothari.

I am from Rajkot. mai gaya varshe shweta mam pase tarot card no course karelo hato. tarot card Mara jivan ma ek rebirth nu kam karel 6.mane Mara jivan ma Ghana question na answer nota malta jama tarot card a Mari sahhay kari 6.mai j loko nu reading karelu hatu e badha loko nu reading sachu paidu.
Mara office na kalig ne koi pan kam ma success noti malti Ana mate me temnu reading karelu to answer a aavyo ke emne guidance male 6 pan te potano inner voice nathi sambhalta.jene lidhe success nathi malti. He agrees with me.
Mara sister na divorce mate tarot card ma puchelu. answer e hato k divorce nahi thai ne aaje e loko sathe rahe 6.
Pranik healing na course mate me tarot card ma puchelu tema ha aaveli ane me course aaje mane enathi ghano faido thaiyo 6.
Tarot card mane roj help kare 6.
Workshop ma mem je mediation karave 6. Tenathi Mari khovay gayeli craziness pachi aavi gai.

Purvanjali Aggarwal
Owner at Kids Casuals

I visited SHWETA for the first time around year back, and have never looked back ever since. Her readings are precise, comprehensive and well-thought of. She believes in putting across the readings in a calming manner, never making one feel helpless about a difficult situation. Alongside reading, she guides and instills a deep sense of positiveness in one's mind, which really helps to alter the approach to life's problems.

One of the things I appreciate most in her is the fact that she refrains from acting pricey, and has always been there when I have needed some guidance or an ear to listen.

Thanks, SHWETA for all your support. May God bless you abundantly. ๐Ÿ™‚

Akhil shah
Building Construction

I am from Ahmedabad. Tarot Reading results are very true in my life. It is very useful & it is my real guide in my life for taking so many decisions according to Tarot Reading.

Riddhi Bhatt
Sr.HR Executive

Well If I talk about Tarot, an amazing life changing experience for me till date.
The predictions after gaining knowledge are almost accurate.
Messengers of God, shows us guiding principles of our situations.
An experience of Tarot where it completely changed my perception towards confusions of my life.
Overall I can say Shweta really holds an in-depth knowledge of Tarot reading, the way she teaches and predicts is just perfect.
Thank you Shweta, as you have always being an inspiration since June'15 till date, and to be continued more ahead.
I wish you great success in your life !
God bless you dear!

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