What are Tarot Cards?

Let us understand Cosmic Energy before proceeding to understand Tarot cards.

We have not been able to understand cosmic energy totally. We know this power by various names such as power of God, divine energy or unknown higher power. No matter what we name this Power, that Power is one only that moves this Universe. Question is – What is this Power and how it is connected to our life and us?

We all live on this planet called the Earth. This earth is but a small part of the vast Universe. There are so many universes in the limitless sky. On this earth, a human being is nothing but a particle. The Power of the Universe is prevalent in the entire Universe. All – our earth, other planets, solar galaxies, Nakshtras, stars – function with the Power of the Universe. Not only this, they all are connected with one another through the Power of the Universe. This Power resides in all entities of the Universe including human beings. It is only due to this Power, trees grow; fruits ripe; grains grow; environment and seasons change etc. It is this Power that we human beings use every day to perform mundane chores, to think, to see, to speak, to listen and to understand. We receive this Power when we are asleep or silent. But, as a matter of fact, in this chaotic life, neither do we take adequate sleep nor we remain silent and constantly indulge in unnecessary talk. We quarrel with each other loudly and hence we receive this Power in a very small portion, hence, we get tired, stressed and ultimately fall sick. All this happens because we do not get adequate Universal Power. So, what should be done to keep receiving this Power of Universe in adequate amount? According to Osho, in order to receive such power, we should mediate at least once in a day. Talk only when it is needed and take deep breathe. With this, invisible Universal Power is connected to us and we can live longer and healthier. The other way to receive this Universal Power is Tarot Cards.

There are so many types of Tarot Cards available in the market prepared by so many companies. However, the cards that majority of Tarot cards readers use are “Osho Zen Tarot Cards” and “Rider-Waite”. I prefer “Osho Zen Tarot Cards” among these two.

“Osho Zen Tarot Cards” means the Tarot cards that are designed and authorized by Osho Rajneesh. It is said that Osho Rajneesh has given numerous lectures in his life, but he never repeated any sentence twice. During his lifetime, Osho Rajneesh answered so many questions of thousands of people. He has guided people through their problems. Today, even though he is no more, people do get the solutions of their problems through the Tarot Cards he designed. The Buddhist religion had witnessed “Zen Masters” in the line of sages in our country or Sufi saints in foreign countries. Osho had these cards designed based on the Zen philosophy which is why they are known as Osho Zen Tarot Cards.

Let me tell you that it is very easy to learn and understand Osho Zen Tarot Cards. Secondly, it is only in Osho Zen Tarot Cards that there are 78+1= 79 words. Through these cards, future telling till birth to death and things before birth and after death can be known. To all human beings who live in the midst of many uncertainties and possibilities, Osho Zen Tarot Cards show the way to get out of the problems. The Tarot cards obtain this way through our subconscious mind, so that we can take important decisions about our future.

Last but not the least – when Tarot card reader makes predictions, she does that without the use of horoscopes, Nakshtras or planets. This is simply because Tarot cards are connected to Cosmic Energy and by connecting with this energy easily, Tarot cards reader can answer the questions.

There are numerous methods of future telling in India and across the world, but India is one of the countries where people live with faith and trust.

Irrespective of the fortune telling method, it is very important that you have faith in that method and its practitioner.

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